Savory Pork Sweet Potato Bites


We (my husband) pulled in the last of our garden for the season and with that came 10 gallons of sweet potatoes. 

Now, I lovSweet Potatoese sweet potatoes as much as the next girl, but 10 gallons is a lot for us!  But since they are a root vegetable, they should last in our root cellar (aka unfinished basement) for months.  

Sweet potatoes are a great addition to any active person’s diet, but in the past have been unfairly bullied into staying on the Thanksgiving table smothered under marshmallows and way too much sugar.  I find that most people who do not like sweet potatoes have been traumatized by Aunt Betsy’s ol’ family recipe.  

I’ve been a champion of liberating sweet potatoes from the hold of Thanksgiving for many years, but I’ll admit I’m in a rut for how to prepare them.  At this point it’s been mostly shredding for hash, mashing, or roasting. 

So a 10 gallon haul appears to be the perfect opportunity to test out some fun and exciting ways spice up my sweet potato game.

These Savory Pork Sweet Potato Bites were created because I needed to bring a dish to a pot luck.  I wanted something that could easily be portioned and possibly eaten without utensils.

But from a functional every day perspective, you can make them on your meal prep day and use them as snacks throughout the week.  In fact, they would be great pre or post workout snacks!  They are baked in a muffin tin- you can decide if you want to bake them in a full sized or mini tin.  


And oh yeah, free the sweet potato!!

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