To be honest, the thought of hot lettuce used to have me like BLEEECH.  

But a year or so ago, I went to a quaint little restaurant with my dad and he recommended we order the Grilled Romaine Salad.  Hmmmmm, OK Dad.

I will tell you that I spent a good chunk of my teenage life doubting my father, as most forward charging children do.  But as per usual, my dad was right.

The trick is to the SEAR the lettuce on one side for mere seconds to get the char.  It’s not left alone to get wilty and turn to mush.  BLEEECH.  

The light sear ever so slightly changes the texture to one of deliciousness.  Feta cheese (or not if you’re Paleo-ing) and a Balsamic-Bacon-Tomato dressing makes this worthy of a googly heart eyed emoji.

Enjoy and let me know what you think in the comments!

Special Note: I typically don’t endorse cooking with olive oil due to the low smoke point, but in this recipe it helps crisp the sear and add the right flavor to the salad dressing.  Because none of the olive oil in this recipe is heated for very long, I’m willing to make the sacrifice.  You can trying subbing coconut oil or avocado oil, but the coconut oil will change the flavor and avocado oil is crazy expensive.



And remember- Savor Every Bite.  

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