Tri-Tip Roast


I would like to make a bold statement today.  I’d like you all to know that the Tri-TIp Roast is my favorite cut of beef.  Which is a pretty big statement, because I do love most cuts of beef.  I just think the Tri-TIp dresses up or down to any occasion, and what more could you ask for from your beef?

You can use your slow cooker for this cut of beef without skipping a beat, but I think this particular cut of meat deserves the oven.  Slow cookers are great for tough cuts that must be masked.  But this cut is always so tender and flavorful and dare I use the “M-Word”- Moist.  

Tri-Tip Roast Recipe

Please do me a favor though, don’t cook this cut to well done.  It probably won’t taste horrible, but it’s spitting in the face of the culinary gods.  If you make that choice, I’d except you’ll burn your next batch of cookies as retribution. 

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Let me know how it turns out!  


Kelsey Albers

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