Safer Beauty


It all started with a kissable, squishable cheek.

I’ve never been overly obsessed with the health of my beauty products. Don’t get me wrong, I’m plenty crunchy. For years now I’ve washed with Dr. Bronner’s Castille Soap and moisturized with plain ol’ Coconut oil. But when it came to actual make-up, I figured I wear it so infrequently that I just wasn’t concerned about a few toxins.  

Then the baby came along and my life was turned upside down in more ways than one. He was precious and perfect and I wanted to protect him from the world. The first time I put lipstick on after he was born, I died a little because I didn’t want to kiss him with my current lip color. Because ya know, toxins. The solution to this minimalist new mom was simple- just go with out lipstick, and for that matter all make-up. Because I just couldn’t account for what I was transferring to my baby.

But since I learned everything I know about being a mother from Rachel Green (it takes one episode to lose the baby belly, the baby will always be quiet when ignored in the stroller, and you will always somehow look like you spent hours in someone’s make-up chair), I was quite astounded when my weariness showed.  And to be honest, I was leaving the house looking like Slagathor.  

The solution to this empowered new mom was, again, simple. Just say screw it and embrace the new, tired me. Except that new motherhood can be deep and dark and sometimes you’re grasping into the abyss for some semblance of who you used to be.  

I wanted to feel beautiful again and I wanted to feel confident in my choice of beauty products. 

And just like that, it was like BeautyCounter was willed into existence.


BeautyCounter is Safer Beauty


Safer beauty that I trust to wear around my Little.  And safer beauty that actually works.

Because what’s available on the drugstore shelves, even if it’s marketed as “natural” or “safe” or “made from unicorn tears”, probably isn’t actually adhering to those claims. There are no regulations to back up these claims. In fact, the US has not passed any laws regulating the safety of ingredients in beauty products since 1938.  

This is a big deal because there are over 80,000 chemicals on the market today. And before we all get bent out of shape about the “C” word, I know not all chemicals are bad. Water is a chemical compound, as is protein and gold. But we’re not talking about these types of chemicals.

There are over 80,000 chemicals in use on the market today and almost none have any safety data. Moreover, compared to the EU which has banned 1400 cosmetic ingredients, the US has banned only ELEVEN. In fact, there are only 1.5 pages of federal law on the books to regulate a $200 BILLION dollar cosmetic industry.

This is stuff we put on our skin day in and day out. We put it on the skin of our loved ones. This garbage is known to mess with our hormones which has serious consequences. Harmful ingredients in skincare has been linked to a variety of types of cancer, ADHD, liver damage, infertility, learning disabilities, behavioral issues, skin irritation, and allergies, to name a few. And if that doesn’t make you want to punch someone in the throat, get this: ALL OF THESE PRODUCTS CAN BE LABELED AS HEALTHY AND ALL NATURAL.  

So let me be clear:

You deserve better.

We all deserve better.

BeautyCounter has my loyalty not only because they’re better, but because they’re transparent and they are trying to change the industry. I believe that you have the right to make decisions about what you put on your face (or in your belly). Everything is everything, my friends.

If you’re interested, I’d love to hook you up.  Or chat more about it.  Or host an online social with you and your friends where we’ll talk about health, beauty, and you’ll have the opportunity to get some awesome swag.

No matter what you do, just please examine your skincare.  Switch to BeautyCounter or another amazing company.  Or go get some Dr. Bronners and Coconut Oil.  Do what works for you, but just do something.

You deserve better.


And so do all the kissable, squishable cheeks in your life.



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