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Kelsey Alber’s Ignite. Nourish. Thrive. Challenge really changed my perspective on food and improved my health and performance as a CrossFitter. I had always had a poor relationship with food, and never thought about what foods could do what for my body. My primary focus going into the challenge was to gain strength. Following Kelsey’s program to eat as a strength-focused athlete, I was able to make significant strength gains across the board. My squat increased by sixty pounds, by jerk by 25, and my clean by 20, to name a few. I also became stronger at pullups, and gained the strength to do Rx’ed pistols! I’m constantly improving and feel like a much better athlete now that my body is well-nourished. I also gained muscle mass during this time, as I could tell by the scale and how my clothes were fitting. Towards the end of the challenge, I reduced my carb intake and switched my focus from strength to leaning out, and quickly felt leaner and saw weight drop on the scale.

​ While I was beyond excited about all my PRs, the best thing about the challenge was the improvement in my skin. I have suffered from deep, cystic acne for over a year now. This was painful, and as you can imagine, self-esteem-crushing. I had tried several medications and cleansers and nothing had worked. At the beginning of the challenge, I had removed all dairy from my diet except for my post-workout whey protein shakes. Kelsey encouraged me to remove this too, as to some people dairy can be an inflammatory and cause acne. Just a week after removing whey protein, my breakouts had stopped and I felt like an entirely different person. About a month down the road now, my deep acne has cleared and currently my skin is just healing previous scarring. My skin looks the best it has in over a year. To run a test, I reintroduced whey protein into my diet for two days, and instantly had new deep acne. I am so happy that this simple change so positively influenced my outward health.
I am extremely glad I participated in the challenge, and would definitely do it again or recommend it to anyone. Kelsey has shown me great ways to nourish my body. Thanks to Kelsey, I have a much better relationship with food, knowledge of how my body accepts certain foods, and am a much healthier athlete.

– Alexis R.


Kelsey’s Ignite Nourish Thrive program has been a real life-changer! I started with her Healthy Eating Challenge through my Crossfit gym, thinking it would only be something I followed up until a competition I was signed up for was over. However, the principals and practices she teaches have changed not only my body’s health, but my mental health and my relationship with food so positively, I plan on carrying this on for life!
Following her Food is Fuel state of mind and suggestions, my body has actually transformed before my eyes in the last 3 months. I truly do love the way I look and this is the most comfortable I’ve ever felt in my own skin. (Literally, acne issues that I had been dealing with for years have cleared up completely; never thought changing up my diet would do that!) But it’s not just the aesthetics, I feel AMAZING. I’m no longer sluggish during the day at work, and I’ve consistently been tacking on PR after PR at the gym. My body has never performed better! I had always had a strained relationship with food and eating, struggling with my weight since I was in grade school, but Kelsey taught me how to be conscious of the food I’m putting into my body, but without all of the negativity that had been engrained into our psyche for years from dieting. This is not a diet; it’s a way of life! I promise if you follow her teachings and listen to your body, you’ll love your amazing machine of a body and be happier because of it!

– Caroline W.

Kelsey showed us the way to a better way of nourishing our bodies!  I never would have thought that ridding our diet of “diet” and “lite” foods would make such a difference in our waistlines, strength, endurance, and general well-being.  We both recognize when we are not eating “on plan” and how it affects our bodies.  Her guidance and encouragement have made this lifestyle change easy to implement and brag about!  The first day of the Ignite, Nourish, Thrive seminar she asked us to have an open mind, because some of things she was going to introduce us to would sound a little unconventional.  It only took us a couple weeks to start seeing and feeling positive changes.  We both believe this is a lifestyle change that we’ll stick to in order to live more healthy and energetic lives.

– Chuck and Susan B.

This reformed vegan is enjoying MEAT and FAT, and although I’ve been eating meat the last few years it has always been very lean, like skinless chicken breast or ultra lean ground turkey. Now I’m eating up fattier cuts of darker meats, and adding more fat in the way of oil or avocado. I can’t believe how much my hunger pangs have subsided.

I feel full and satisfied with no cravings, my energy is up and sustaining me for longer periods of time, and even my dry winter skin feels better. I’ve always wondered why I struggled with energy, hunger, and skin problems in the past and I’m starting to think it was a real lack of fat in my diet. Avocados are my new favorite snack, the super hero coffee is a now a daily must have, and I make sure I have a fatty meat every day to every other day. And still enjoying plenty of fruits, veggies, and post wod carbs!

– Meredith M.